the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in our selves
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    The little prince

    graphite, moleskine sketchbook

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    Lilith with a snake (1886), John Collier / Anaconda, Nicki Minaj

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  • "There is evidence of bad shit having been survived before."
    Ken Kesey in a letter to Allen Ginsberg (via hemingwayslemonade)

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    Something about her face structure I’m just sucked into

    Fierce fierce fierce ❤️

    She is such a goddess!! Her beauty, her art, her love for her peoples and her cultures, and for Mother Earth, are so inspirational to me (as another woman of color artist).

    Her instagram gives me life.

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  • "What could true freedom of choice look like in this country? It would mean a social and political structure that looks out for the well-being of actual real-live children – and their mothers — rather than using their hypothetical lives as weapons in a neverending demagoguic death match. It would mean not having to reduce every game-changing life decision to a calculation of dollars and cents."
  • Nicki Minaj’s reason behind the “Anaconda” music video

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  • "

    Why is it that people are willing to spend $20 on a bowl of pasta with sauce that they might actually be able to replicate pretty faithfully at home, yet they balk at the notion of a white-table cloth Thai restaurant, or a tacos that cost more than $3 each? Even in a city as “cosmopolitan” as New York, restaurant openings like Tamarind Tribeca (Indian) and Lotus of Siam (Thai) always seem to elicit this knee-jerk reaction from some diners who have decided that certain countries produce food that belongs in the “cheap eats” category—and it’s not allowed out. (Side note: How often do magazine lists of “cheap eats” double as rundowns of outer-borough ethnic foods?)

    Yelp, Chowhound, and other restaurant sites are littered with comments like, “$5 for dumplings?? I’ll go to Flushing, thanks!” or “When I was backpacking in India this dish cost like five cents, only an idiot would pay that much!” Yet you never see complaints about the prices at Western restaurants framed in these terms, because it’s ingrained in people’s heads that these foods are somehow “worth” more. If we’re talking foie gras or chateaubriand, fair enough. But be real: You know damn well that rigatoni sorrentino is no more expensive to produce than a plate of duck laab, so to decry a pricey version as a ripoff is disingenuous. This question of perceived value is becoming increasingly troublesome as more non-native (read: white) chefs take on “ethnic” cuisines, and suddenly it’s okay to charge $14 for shu mai because hey, the chef is ELEVATING the cuisine.

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  • "The gods can’t give you anything that’s not already in you, and sometimes they flay you to reach it."
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    Meet The Generation Of Incredible Native American Women Fighting To Preserve Their Culture by Danielle Seewalker for Marie Claire UK

    Native Americans represent just one per cent of the US population and some languages have only one speaker left. Now a new generation is fighting to preserve the culture.

    Meet the women leading that fight:

    pueblo dress is beautiful

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    This is Not a Surrender by Nico, 2014. Oil on panel, 18 x 27 inches. $2,015.

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  • "Last night was that dream
    again: me and Jesus
    pulling nails out of our feet
    at the lip of the Mississippi
    Delta. Somewhere, Coretta
    is calling for Martin
    to come down from a sycamore.
    He’s just a boy, here, but
    he weeps and the sky
    is ripped at the belly."
    Sasha Banks, “Sasha Fells the Wildwood,” published in B O D Y (via bostonpoetryslam)

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    the best way for voluntarily impoverished crust punks to advance their revolutionary praxis is to give all their trustfund money to me. become the real deal poor person. you can do it all by giving me all that backup money. come on, believe in your cause

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    Marc Fishman

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    The Nu Project

    Your body is normal. Repeat after me: “My body is normal. My body is wonderful. My body is beautiful.”

    Most importantly though, “My body is mine.”

    Each as beautiful as the next.

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